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Viburnum watanabe, viburnum

Viburnum watanabe, viburnum

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The watanabe viburnum is a pretty little shrub, appreciated in our gardens for its beautiful flowering.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Viburnum plicatum
Family : Adoxaceae
Type : Shrub

: 3 m
Exposure : Sunny or partial shade
Ground : Ordinary, well drained

: Expired -Flowering : May to October

Planting, maintenance and pruning play a large part in the successful growth of the watanabe viburnum.

Planting watanabe viburnum

Preferably in the fall but also in the spring for subjects bought in containers.

  • Follow the advice of planting shrubs.

Viburnum size

No pruning is necessary.
Wait until flowering is over if you want to reduce or balance the branches.

  • Also find our advice on how to prune shrubs

All you need to know about watanabe viburnum

The watanabe viburnum is a very beautiful shrub that blooms as beautifully in the spring as its foliage in the fall.

In flowered hedges, isolated or in shrub beds, it is very easy to grow and maintain.

You will also enjoy its discreet but durable flowering for a very long time, from May to October.

Among the viburnums, we also find the laurel-tin, well known in our gardens but also the viburnum mariesii whose flowering is spectacular.

Smart tip about viburnum

Avoid at all costs situations too exposed to the scorching sun. The watanabe viburnum needs to keep the soil relatively cool in order to thrive.

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