Fruit trees

Fruit trees: after harvest, it's time for care

Fruit trees: after harvest, it's time for care

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Gardening is an eternal restart. Once the harvests are over, we must already think about the next ones.

To have healthy fruits, without using pesticides, some prevention tips.

This year has been very rainy and many fruits, such as peaches or plums, have burst on the trees, which has opened the door to diseases, such as Monilia. Others, like cherries, have been devoured by towards.

The first instinct of many gardeners is to treat. However, a few preventive tips allow you to ignore pesticides!

Treat against diseases

To prevent fungus spores from spreading from year to year, collect any rotten fruit ("mummies") left on the branches and burn them instead of throwing them in the compost.

A spray of Bordeaux mixture will eliminate fungal spores on branches and trunks.

On the trunks, brush every two years with lime milk which will destroy the spores of scab, blister, moniliosis, chancre, etc.

Warning: the production of whitewash requires certain precautions, because quicklime is caustic! Do not do this without protecting yourself with gloves, glasses, apron, long-sleeved shirt, boots. If you are not a handyman, buy ready-made arboreal white instead.

Insect treatment

To remove insect eggs and larvae that hide in the lichen and the bark, vigorously brush the trunks with a wire brush or a wire mesh glove.

Detergent with pine oil is sufficient. Some add decoctions or vegetable liquid manure (nettle, comfrey, etc). Avoid white or yellow oils made from petroleum.

You can also place cardboard traps on the trunks and make a "insect hotel "For the hibernation of auxiliaries (ladybugs, hoverflies, chrysopses, etc.).

Finally, remember that birds are more effective against insects (and less harmful) than insecticides! Offer them in winter oil seeds (rapeseed, sunflower, unsalted peanuts…).

Pierrick the organic gardener

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