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Plant exotic berries!

Plant exotic berries!

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If you are a foodie but don’t have a large garden to grow fruit trees, plant some exotic berry shrubs.

It's a clever and original way to have fun.

Here is a selection of exotic berries that are resistant to cold.

Light May berries

Contrary to honeysuckle European whose red berries are poisonous, that native to Siberia gives edible fruits of blue color.

The lonicera kamtschatica or berry of May (its berries ripen in early summer) hardly exceed 1.50 m in height. It tolerates Siberian temperatures down to - 40 ° C! But he fears drought. Mulch the ground at its feet in summer. He likes cool, acidic soils (heather earth) that are not calcareous. Plant it in partial shade and for good fruiting, combine two plants.

Not very sweet, its berries whose taste is reminiscent of blueberry or Kiwi suitable for diabetics and those who pay attention to their figure. They are eaten raw, dried, jams, grout, etc.

Antioxidant cranberries

The cranberry is a creeping shrub that hardly exceeds 30 cm in height. Native to North America, it is hardy to -30 ° C. He likes cool, humid and acidic soils; a sunny or semi-shade exposure.

Its red berries, cranberries, are eaten fresh or dried, in savory or sweet dishes, in juice or in jams. Their antioxidant properties are appreciated against dental inflammation and cystitis.

Vitaminated goji berries

The goji (or Barbary lyciet) can reach 3 m high.

Hardy to -20 ° C, it likes dry, non-calcareous soils; exposure to the sun or partial shade.

Pinch it out once a year to keep it thicker.

His edible berries red-orange in color are ripe from August to October. Very rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, they have been known for millennia by the Chinese.

In France, they are found in organic and health food stores.

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Strawberry-flavored murtillas

Called "murtillas", the light red berries of the Chilean guava tree measure up to 1 cm in diameter. They are harvested in the summer and eaten fresh or in sorbet. Their scent evokes that of strawberry Woodland.

You will grow this shrub in isolation, in a bed or in a container on a terrace or balcony, in well-drained, non-calcareous soil. Hardy to - 8 ° C, it can be planted in the sun or partial shade.

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Photo Cranberries: © Taina Sohlman Fotolia, Photo Goji: © LianeM Fotolia

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