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Bamboos: make the right choice!

Bamboos: make the right choice!

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Fancy a little exoticism in the garden? Plant bamboo! But beware, some varieties are very invasive ...

The only woody species in the grass family, the bamboo constantly gives off new shoots, like grass. Tracing bamboos (Arundinaria, Chimonobambusa, Phyllostachys, Pseudosasa ...) can thus colonize a lot of space over the years.

Easier to live in the garden, non-tracing bamboos remain in very compact clumps and are not invasive. This is the case with Fargusia, Bambusa (for mild climates), Thamocalamus, Chusquea, some Yushamia… Others, like Shibataea, contain themselves with a spade.

Bamboos grow in width every year and can form tufts two meters in diameter. The Phyllostachys family produces large bamboos, some of which do not support the constraints of cultivation in a small garden. But you will understand, the species are numerous enough to match your surface.

Think about anti-rhizome barriers

Once your choice has been made, you can install your bamboos at any time, but for better rooting, prefer autumn.

Before putting your plant in the ground, put a manure in the hole to promote recovery. Leave a bead of soil around the plant for watering.

If you have opted for a tracing species or do not know the variety of your bamboo, install, when planting, anti-rhizome barriers 65 or 95 cm high to define the space that will be allotted to it. These plates should be placed slightly tilted outward to allow the rhizomes to butt against the wall and rise to the surface without attempting to pass below. Regularly cut the rhizomes accumulated against the plaque.

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Bamboo: such rapid growth

Bamboo appreciates moist, well-drained soils, whether they are neutral with an acid tendency or slightly calcareous and like the sun or partial shade.

You can also grow in a container provided you water it well in summer.

Its rapid growth makes it a good option to quickly compose a hedge that will stay green all year round.

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