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Cinnamon: benefits and virtues

Cinnamon: benefits and virtues

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Commonly called cinnamon or "real cinnamon", the Ceylon cinnamon is thereInner bark of a tree of the Lauraceae family, the Ceylon cinnamon tree, which comes fromisland of Ceylon.

Discovered more than 4,500 years ago, it is among the spices the most sold in the world and basically cultivated in India, Sri Lanka, China and Madagascar for its essential oil.

Unlike the Chinese cinnamon prized by the people of North America, Ceylon cinnamon is very present in European cuisine and also has many therapeutic virtues.

What are these virtues and his benefits on the human health? How to use cinnamon for effective results? Are there any contraindications for using cinnamon? Overview…

Cinnamon from Ceylon: for the record

The word cinnamon comes from Latin term "canna" which means reed. She is l’Bark of the Ceylon cinnamon tree, from its scientific name Cinnamomum verum or cinnamomum zeylanicum.

This tree is a very old plant which is cultivated in tropical areas and its bark is highly prized by many populations.

Used already at 3rd century BC for the embalming of the dead, the ancient Greeks and Romans subsequently discovered tonic properties, aphrodisiacs, antiseptics and diuretics.

The use of Ceylon cinnamon is gradually spreading: bark, Essential oil, powder… .Etc are then appreciated as well in cooked what about herbal medicine.

Ceylon cinnamon: description

Ceylon cinnamon is a cousin spice of Chinese cinnamon. Taken from trees (the cinnamon trees from Ceylon), it is dried for later use. The light cinnamon from young shoots seems best and effective. Once this young bark harvested in thin strips, it is scratched and dried. The strips then roll up on themselves during drying and take a elongated shape : Those are the cinnamon sticks. These can then be transformed into powder before use or undergo extraction from their Essential oil very effective in natural care. Herbalists and researchers have discovered active ingredients that have many benefits on human health: immune, digestive, respiratory, uro-genital, and cutaneous.

Cinnamon: virtues and health benefits

Ceylon cinnamon has a content of cinnamic aldehyde and in eugenol which gives it its flavor.

Thanks to its many properties, Ceylon cinnamon would have beneficial effects on the wholehuman organism. Not only does she have similar effects to those of theinsulin for the diabetics, but she is a blood thinner because it also improves the blood circulation towards the hands and feet. She is also able to do lower the rate of cholesterol in the blood.

Still in this medical perspective, theEssential oil extracted from this bark, can be used in treatment of infections. Antifungal, antibacterial, pest control, antiviral, it is very effective against most germs.

It's a stimulating of immune system, a general tonic and is effective in fight against the tired. In the case of digestive disorders, especially infectious diarrhea, the essential oil of Ceylon cinnamon has been proven to act as a excellent intestinal antiseptic. It is also indicated for the treatment of bloating, of constipation, ofaerophagia, colitis, colic, poor digestion, lack of appetite,… Etc.

In ENT, the essential oil of Ceylon cinnamon is recommended for the treatment of bronchitis, colds and flu.

Dosage and uses of cinnamon

To get the most benefit from using Ceylon cinnamon, therapists recommend that it be taken:

> in the form of powder at the rate of 1 tsp. coffee per day to reduce blood sugar levels (diabetics)

> by oral : adults should take 1 drop of essential oil combined with vegetable oil, 3 times a day, for 5 days.

> in skin application or massage : to benefit from its immune, digestive, respiratory and uro-genital benefits, always dilute the essential oil in vegetable oil before application / massage on the abdomen (digestive disorders), on the spine, feet, arch (ENT), back, feet and soles (immune disorders). Also treat your warts by applying pure essential oil only on the wart while avoiding the edges.

For the urogenital treatments, it is imperative to follow the advice of a therapist for use by oral.

> To go further, therapists claim that the essential oil of Ceylon cinnamon has special properties that act as a tonic for the nervous system. To enjoy it, it is recommended in olfaction in the treatment of anxiety, physical and / or mental asthenia, latent depression, somnolence and mental inhibitions.

Even in the case of frigidity or impotence, the essential oil of Ceylon cinnamon can get you out of trouble: in olfaction or in massage in the lower back after dissolving in vegetable oil.

Practical tips / tricks about cinnamon

The taking essential oil Ceylon cinnamon by oral must be recommended by a specialist (dosage, dosage).

Regarding the use in skin application or massage, it is strongly recommended to never use it pure But always diluted in sufficient amount of vegetable oil, because of its stripping properties.

Ceylon cinnamon is contraindicated at the children under 12, the pregnant women, lactating, in people withskin intolerance. The essential oil is prohibited in the baths, in inhalation and in diffusion.

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