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Incomparable lily ...

Incomparable lily ...

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It embodies beauty and elegance, refinement and delicacy. The lily beautifies our gardens and planters all summer.

This bulbous perennial has all the qualities. Its large flowers of white, yellow, red, pink, mauve or orange seduce us with each flowering while it ultimately requires little maintenance and even shows great resistance to cold since it supports, in the garden, temperatures down to -20 ° C.

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The medical virtues of lily

But what is the secret of lily ? It thrives in soil as well as in pots indoors or on terraces. The lily loves the sun and partial shade. It grows quickly and its flowers can be speckled, spotted or variegated.

Beyond aesthetics, so important in its flowering period, the lily also has some medical advantages ... In the past, Madonna's lily was used as a poultice as an antiseptic to treat skin problems, chapped skin and rosacea.

The lily was then attributed healing, diuretic, calming and anti-rheumatic properties.

Rich and drained soils

Today, we are happy to admire it in our interiors or in our gardens and the beautiful effect is guaranteed every time!

Coming from the liliaceae family, the lily tends to prefer rather rich and well-drained soils. Likewise, do not plant it at any time ...

Spring and fall are the perfect seasons to give your lily the best possible bloom during the summer. Conversely, planting a lily in the summer could cause it to suffer from heat and lack of water.

Little maintenance for the lily

When properly planted (in the ground or in a pot), the lily requires relatively little maintenance.

It is however advisable to place stakes on the taller varieties to prevent the stems from breaking or sagging. It is also better to cut off the wilted flowers as you go, by severing the stem under the peduncle, to allow it to open more beautifully the following year.

When we talk about lilies, we are obviously talking about the plant in general because there are about a hundred species, some of which are very fragrant. In fact, new varieties are created every year. What if the lily had simply become timeless!

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