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The genus ficus includes hundreds of species, many of which are used as houseplants.

Twisted bonsai or shrub with giant leaves: the choice is yours!

Ficus benjamina, the most known

It is he that we think of when we speak of ficus: with its glossy, dark green or variegated leaves, it has proven its worth with the less conscientious gardeners, since it can survive forgetfulness of watering or low light.

If it is not original, this ficus remains interesting for its rustic qualities and its rapid growth in a bright room (it can reach four meters).

If it grows too fast for you, don't worry, you can really prune it!

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Ficus lyrata, the most trendy

With its small tree silhouette and giant leaves - up to 45 cm long - the lyre fig tree is extremely photogenic.

No wonder, then, that it is in the interior design magazines and blogs.

In addition to its aesthetic qualities, the lyrata shares with other ficus a taste for bright locations without direct sun and for moderate temperatures, between 15 and 22 ° C.

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Ficus elastica or rubber

Yes, rubber is also a ficus!

A hybrid of an Asian rainforest tree up to 40 meters tall, this popular houseplant has large, glossy leaves that can be variegated.

Like other ficus trees, it will appreciate a few misting sessions and moderate watering, once a week, when the soil is dry on the surface.

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Ficus microcarpa, the easy bonsai

Also called ficus ginseng, the microcarpa consists of a winding aerial root on which glossy leaves grow.

Small or large (40 cm to one meter), its tormented silhouette takes the form of a miniature tree, particularly decorative. Like all bonsai, it should be pruned regularly and fear drafts.

To keep it for a long time, cool it in the winter (12-15 ° C) and take it out in the shade in the summer. Add fertilizer every year and repot every two years.

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