The undersides of plants

The undersides of plants

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There are hundreds of different species. So how do you choose the right plants for your garden? By calling on qualified professionals ...

It’s not easy to find your way around because nature is so prolific. And it is precisely to allow the professional sector to correctly inform the Sunday gardener that a plant recognition competition was launched.

Plant recognition

The national final of this competition intended for young people in the process of apprenticeship and, for professionals for the first time this year, was organized by Val'hor (interprofession of horticulture, floristry and landscape) with the Union national landscape of landscape companies as part of the Paysalia trade fair in Lyon.

For two days, 85 young people from landscaping, horticultural production and trade training and from 17 different regions competed against each other in a plant recognition test. Their challenge: to recognize, in 60 to 90 minutes and depending on their level of training, 20 to 40 plants from fresh, seasonal samples, in good condition and grouped by categories. And their task was far from easy because the jury selected these plants from a list that initially contained more than 600!

A list of 600 plants to know

Whether it is ornamental trees, fruit trees, conifers, shrubs, climbing plants, perennials, for lawns, grasses or even aquatic plants or preferring wetlands, plants have given rise to a hard time for young competitors but also for plant professionals. Twelve of them, nurserymen, landscape entrepreneurs, garden center salesman, trainers, were able to test their knowledge on the most vigorous course, that of the BTS.

In the end, the competition rewarded 21 winners including two professionals. At the same time, and succeeding the Ile-de-France region, holder of 2013, the Rhône-Alpes region won the Regional Trophy.

The next competition is scheduled for 2017. But until then, if you have the chance to meet one of the contestants for advice, he will be able to suggest THE plant or shrub that will thrive in your garden.

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