Making a cactus bloom: technique and period

Making a cactus bloom: technique and period

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The cactus is a very popular plant for decorating the interior of our homes and apartments, but which also has a great capacity to flower.

Despite appearances, 70% of cacti offer magnificent flowering.

A period of dormancy is necessary to enjoy, at the end of winter, pretty flowers with very varied tones and shapes depending on the cactus families.

So we see cacti that will flower one day or night, usually bearing only one flower, but others that will emerge a multitude of flowers and last longer.

The rules for making a cactus bloom

It is said that in order to smell a cactus in bloom, it must be hardened in order to recreate the difficult conditions in which it lives in its natural environment.

The rules to follow for your cactus are the period of dormancy and the complete absence of watering during this same period.

The cactus is a plant that generally lives in dry and arid areas, normally experiencing a long period without rain.

  • Do not water during the cooler 6 months, usually October to March
  • Keep the plant cool but away from humidity, with good light
  • The ideal temperature should be between 5 and 10 ° but some varieties living in the desert can withstand largely negative temperatures, which can go down to -30 °
  • As soon as the first sunny days arrive, you can put your cactus back in the house so that it enjoys a warmer temperature and good light.
  • It’s usually in early spring that you will see your cactus bloom.

Here are the cactus grower's tips for getting a cactus to flower well:

Smart tip about the cactus

Note that the cactus is very suitable in a bedroom because it does not give off carbon dioxide but oxygen at night

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