Autumn: which seedlings in the vegetable garden?

Autumn: which seedlings in the vegetable garden?

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Contrary to popular belief, fall is not absent from the planting calendar.

From September and until January, winter salads and early vegetables are planted in the vegetable garden.

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Fall sowing

The risk of heat waves is dissipating, weeds lose vigor, insects are less pests and rain replaces watering. The weather is less beautiful, the days are getting shorter, but autumn still has some significant benefits for gardeners. And this is a season to sow, especially winter salads and early vegetables.

Rocket, mesclun, chewed up are readily available, just like beans, turnips and winter radish. Soaking the seeds first can help them germinate, but afterwards, it is best not to over-water. Autumn seedlings grow even better if they find refuge in a part of the garden protected from the wind and enjoying a southern exposure.

Practical and early sowing

With the possibility of sowing them from September, the spinach even play the gardener's auxiliaries because they avoid weeding the plot and can be consumed from November.

Ditto for beans which are back in fashion, after having almost disappeared from our plates. In the vegetable garden, they serve asgreen manure because its roots enrich the soil by fixing nitrogen from the air. In addition, once the plant is cut, it rots quickly and turns into compost.

When winter arrives, the use of a sheltered nursery allows you to sow turnips from January. They like soft and cool soils, rich in humus but not calcareous. Certain varieties of vegetables and aromatics are ideal for early sowing, even when it is cold and the ground is frozen. In this category, we find the onions, lettuce, carrots early, round peas, kohlrabi, and also thedill, the chervil where the parsley. Covered with a thin layer of compost, the seeds germinate as soon as the temperature softens. The harvest can begin when spring is barely coming.

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