What vegetables to grow in winter?

What vegetables to grow in winter?

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There are several vegetables sufficiently resistant to cold to re-enchant the vegetable garden in winter. Focus on kohlrabi, Brussels sprouts, winter salads ...

The vegetable garden can be productive all year round, even after the full sunny season… In autumn, you can grow spinach, turnip, beetroot, radishes, parsley, broccoli… Cabbages and salads, especially , are the stars of the winter vegetable garden.

Cabbage: hard to freeze

“Many leafy green vegetables can be grown in winter,” says Linda Gray, author of Growing Your Garden in Winter. The Brussels sprouts, for example, can be picked topped with a small snow cap. It grows even in the lowest temperatures! However, it is sown in spring, so that the seeds begin to germinate in a soil that is not too cold ...

Also try different types of cabbage by planning sowing as soon as the summer beds are free ”. And Linda Gray continued: "Kohlrabi or rutabaga is usually sown in early summer, it rests during winter… It is harvested about two weeks after emerging from the ground, but it is so frost tolerant that it is possible to leave it in the ground until the end of winter (…). Take advantage of its resistance to cold to leave it in the ground until the moment you need it ".

Winter salads: varied, simple and delicious

If there is one vegetable that is easy and pleasant to grow in winter, it is lettuce. “Not only are winter lettuces fun to grow, they add a summery touch to menus,” notes Linda Gray. Chicory, rocketlettuce, escarole, chewed up, cress

The fall lettuce will be harvested until the first frost, the winter lettuce will be for the following spring. A few Asian varieties can be planted in late summer for a fall harvest (…) and some varieties can be grown all year round ".

Equip yourself with bells to properly protect young feet, especially during night frost, and remember to remove them during the day. In general, if the winter is really harsh, still plan to mulch at the base of your vegetables, as well as a wintering veil to avoid any unpleasant surprises. "Head of butter lettuce in particular withstands harsh climates and requires minimal protection."

Want to give it a try? "Sow from late summer to late fall by choosing a protected area in the garden. Growing conditions vary between varieties, refer to the instructions on the seed packaging ".

And when to harvest them? When you deem them big enough, except cut lettuce "which allows you to pluck just a handful of leaves a few days apart."

And also as winter vegetables ...

Some bulbs are also planted in the fall like thegarlic white and purple, as well as onions (in a mild climate). It is even possible to plant them in January-February. They will spend the winter in the ground to be harvested in the spring.

To read: Cultivating your garden in winter, Linda Gray, ed. Delachaux and Niestlé, € 19.90.

Claire Lelong-Lehoang

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