Succulents are not afraid of anything!

Succulents are not afraid of anything!

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In summer, we celebrate the heat and the sun with Succulents

We go on vacation without anxiety ... Despite the rising temperatures and the deserted apartment, the succulents are holding up. Resistant to hot weather, able to await the return of their owners without wavering, they are vacationers' best friends.

Surviving succulents

The heat, the drought, the sand, the mountains… Nothing scares succulents. And for good reason ! Most of them are native to the tropics and subtropics such as the steppes, mountainous and semi-desert regions of Africa, Central America and South America. Environments that require an excellent constitution ...

Also known as succulents, their ability to stay fresh despite hot weather is perhaps the origin of this name, which comes from the Latin word "sucus" meaning "juice" or "moisture".

Succulents are perfect from all points of view

Succulents aren't just easy-going plants. They are also extremely decorative. Many have beautiful rosettes, a shape that follows the Fibonacci sequence, the mathematical formula that establishes ideal proportions.

Their perfection also goes hand in hand with a totally trendy look. Their strange, astonishing, sometimes disturbing lines, far from the classic looks of other plants, make them real accessories to add a twist to the atmosphere of an apartment or a house.

They are placed in low cuts that highlight their unexpected curves or they are displayed under a modern glass bell, in a cabinet of curiosity spirit.

Life in rosettes

Aesthetes, in search of absolute beauty, will undoubtedly have a crush on Succulents in the shape of rosettes,

symbols of perfection. They will succumb to the Aeonium with its plain leaves with colors ranging from a very natural light green to a very mysterious almost black purple. The gray-green or purple geometric foliage of theEcheveria is recognizable among all.

For its part, theHaworthia, has a crazy charisma despite its small size: 2 to 10 cm in diameter. It knows how to hypnotize plant lovers with its pointed leaves of a solid pale or dark green or covered with white and translucent stripes, pustules, spots or tubers.

Finally, star of the moment, theAloe vera, with a sleek and stylish look, is a real eye-catcher, whether it is a very soft green or dressed in a pattern ... Difficult to choose? What if we mix them up?

Its succulents in the light

• Hydrate them with a good dose of water and then let the root ball slowly dry out for several weeks.

• they are sometimes offered a little fertilizer (once every 2 months)

• They are placed on a window sill in the sun and summer, they also like on the garden table.

Some tips for keeping tubes and plant curtains

Succulents also know how to be crazy and exuberant. They thus display funny shapes and are an invitation to play with them.

The most fun? The Rhipsalis, generous green tuft that can grow upright, climb or hang like a plant curtain.

The Crassula is, on the other hand, of a different kind: less expansive, more stocky, but just as intriguing with its leaves which can be edged in orange or red or evoke green tubes. It is sometimes nicknamed the Jade tree ... No doubt, to each their own succulent plant.


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