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Christmas tree syndrome: beware of allergies

Christmas tree syndrome: beware of allergies

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Christmas tree syndrome: watch out for this little-known allergy

My beautiful fir, king of forests… and mold!

For some people with allergies, the Christmas season can turn into a nightmare.


Christmas tree allergy

Do you sneeze as soon as you approach the Christmas tree? Are your eyes stinging? Cry? Stop looking for the culprit, he sits in the middle of your living room. Indeed, you most certainly suffer from Christmas tree syndrome.

What is it about ?

The natural tree, which comes into your home for several weeks each year, causes all these inconveniences. A runny nose, sore eyes, sneezing, wheezing in the breath, a stuffy nose, a cough, fatigue… all of these signs of allergic rhinitis are the manifestation of an allergy to the king of the party.

This allergy should not be taken lightly, however, because in children with asthma it can cause severe asthma attacks.

The incriminated mold

Specifically, it is fir mold that some people are allergic to. Indeed, by growing in the open air, it allowed many fungi to lodge in its bark. Once warm in the living room, all these micro-organisms thrive. Molds proliferate with heat, causing allergies.

As soon as the first symptoms appear, do not hesitate to talk to your doctor or consult an allergist. Antihistamine medications will help limit the bothersome symptoms of this allergy.

A DMARD can also be used for the rest of the year.

A synthetic tree for allergy sufferers

For people with allergies, it is better not to put a natural tree at home. Replace it with an artificial tree. In this case, remember to vacuum it out by removing it from the box.

Garlands and decorations should also be cleaned as dust and mold may have accumulated in them in previous years.

And for those who don't plan on skipping a real tree, don't set it up too early and keep it for up to seven days. Finally, purify the air inside your home by ventilating the room where your tree is located, every day for 10 to 15 minutes.

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