Tomato leafminer: control and treatment

Tomato leafminer: control and treatment

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The tomato leaf miner originates from South America and made its first appearance in France in 2009, in the Drôme department and has since conquered all of our regions.

It has indeed a great dispersal capacity which makes it a frequent pest of tomatoes today.

Its Latin name is Tuta absoluta and is part of the order Lepidoptera.

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Tomato leafminer cycle

The tiny leafminer larvae attack first the leaves of tomato plants, the stems and then the tomatoes directly.

We then distinguish galleries at leaves and stems but also on tomatoes, especially when they are still green. White spots on the tomato leaves then form.

The tomato leafminer attacks all plants of the nightshade family like the potato or theeggplant.

The leafminer larvae reproduce very quickly and can give birth to up to 10 generations in a single season.

It is during its development that it evolves on the plant to dig new galleries.

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Treatment and control of tomato leafminer

Today, there is no approved cure for tomato leafminer.

It is however possible to prevent its occurrence by protecting tomato crops.

  • The insect net against the tomato leaf miner:

The priority and the most effective means of control is the anti-insect veil with a mesh of 5 mm maximum.

  • Insert the hoops so that the fillet is not in contact with the tomatoes.
  • Make sure there is no space, even at ground level, of more than 5mm.
  • You can remove the net after any risk of leafminer attack.
  • Destroy infested tomato plants:

Prevention also involves destroying all infested plants.

  • Do not put in the compost because the larvae resurface elsewhere and make your compost unusable.
  • Make sure you have everything pulled out, as even the smallest trace of tomato leafminer left over can make the pest reappear.
  • Regularly weed the area around tomato plants
  • Use auxiliary insects the bugs Nesidiocoris tenuis (Nesibug) and Macrolophus caliginosus (Mirical), considered effective against eggs and young larvae
  • Regular spraying of rhubarb manure for prevention would have good results.
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