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A green balcony even in winter

A green balcony even in winter

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Do not leave your planters and pots empty in the cold season: there are many plants that allow you to continue to enjoy a green decor in winter.

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Green in the spotlight in winter

Camellia, winter jasmine, hellebore... Some flowers manage to brave the frost to offer the delicate spectacle of winter blooming. If you have a green thumb, it would be a shame to deprive yourself of them, integrate them into your pots with persistent plants sharing the same needs (type of soil, minimum temperature tolerated…).

If you are looking for easy-going plants, forget about flowers! They remain sensitive to cold snaps and drafts. Instead, play on shades of green, shapes and heights by planting evergreens such as ivy, the bamboo, the boxwood, the pieris... but also by drawing among the many little ones conifers.

Splashes of color on balcony in winter

To add color, opt for winter heather, the hardiest of flowering plants, and berry shrubs, such as wintergreen, the skimmia or holly. Be careful, the skimmia must be put in if the temperatures drop below 5 ° C.

Buy your holly with berries (female) or choose a self-fertile variety like "JC van Tol" or "Alaska" to ensure you have fruit.

The grasses (fescue, sedge) will bring volume to the whole, and the ornamental cabbages a touch of originality.

Good conditions

Choose plastic pots and containers for your plantings, they have the advantage of being non-freezing. You can hide them in wooden crates. Count at least 40 cm deep for small shrubs.

Plant tightly (the plants are not in the growth phase), in a potting soil special balcony plants. Remember to cover the bottom of the pot with a layer of drainage (clay balls and garden felt), as standing water and cold don't mix. Likewise, consider raising your pots on the ground to insulate them from the cold and prevent them from remaining in the water in the event of rain.

Place your boxes away from drafts, behind windbreaks. Finally, plan a few winter sails, bubble plastic or polystyrene sheets that will dress them in case of extreme cold.

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