Tamaya: Begonia maculata

Tamaya: Begonia maculata

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Tamaya, also known as spotted begonia or bamboo begonia, is a magnificent houseplant that offers generous flowering.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Begonia maculata
Family : Begoniaceae
Type : Perennial up to 10 °

Ground : Rather rich, well drained
: 20 to 40 cm

Exposure : Sunny to partial shade -Flowering : May to October

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Easy and robust, it is a very decorative plant.

Tamaya plantation

Tamaya® bamboo indoors:

When planting or repotting, ideally use a potting soil for flowering plants or a mixture of leaves and potting soil.

  • Repotting every 3 years or so strengthens the Tamaya®
  • Avoid excessively hot situations behind a south-facing window
  • Choose a very bright place and not too close to a radiator
  • The ideal temperature for a Tamaya is around 20 °

Tamaya® outdoors :

The Tamaya can only live outdoors in tropical or subtropical climates because it fears the cold in winter. It must therefore have temperatures above 15 ° all year round.

On the other hand, you can take your Tamaya® out on your terrace or balcony as soon as the temperatures are above 18 °, day and night.

  • Avoid excessively hot situations
  • Prefer partial shade outdoors
  • Do not move your Tamaya® too often

Tamaya cutting

Tamaya or bamboo begonia is propagated by cuttings. This is usually done in the middle of winter when flowering is lowest.

But the cutting period can vary depending on the growing conditions, the rule being to wait until the plant is in the rest period.

  • Cut an unbloomed branch just after a bud
  • Remove the bottom leaves
  • Put the cutting in water until beautiful roots appear
  • Then plant the Tamaya cutting in a good potting soil
  • Water so as to keep the soil slightly moist but without overwatering

Caring for Tamaya (Begonia maculata)

The interview is relatively easy and only requires very little care.

  • Remove wilted flowers as you go.
  • This will stimulate the appearance of new flowers.
  • Regularly prune the Tamaya® in order to keep it a nice compact shape

Watering the tamaya and fertilizer

Tamaya deserves to be watered when the soil is dry on the surface.

One to two waterings per week is generally sufficient to provide it with the necessary water requirements.

  • Bring regularfertilizer for flowering plants to your Tamaya. The frequency is about once a month from April to September

To know about Tamaya

This very beautiful plant native toCentral and South America (Mexico) has many species of various shapes and colors.

It is a robust yet easy to maintain plant that is part of the same family as the begonias.

Tamaya blooms several times a year and each time offers delicate pale pink to carmine red flowers depending on the variety and growing conditions.

We will also notice its magnificent evergreen foliage which evolves between brilliant green and emerald green and which is variegated with silver dots to offer the eyes a very beautiful decorative effect.

Smart tip

The Tamaya can have a lifespan of several tens of years but which tends to be bald and to flower less and less.

To avoid this, you should prune regularly and fertilize the soil with fertilizer.

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