Guinea pig: children's pet

Guinea pig: children's pet

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The guinea pig

Calm, gentle and affectionate, the guinea pig is the perfect animal for a child.

Here is some information about this charming companion.

Origin of the guinea pig

  • This rodent is native to South America. It was discovered shortly after the arrival of Christopher Columbus.
  • The first explorers gave it the name pig,for its cries and whistles are similar to those of the pig.
  • Its name was completed by turkey,because Christopher Columbus thought he was in India when he reached America.

Characteristics of the guinea pig

  • Adult weight: 700 grams to 1 kilo.
  • Longevity: 5 to 8 years.
  • Herbivore
  • The Peruvian (long and smooth hair), the Abyssinian (presence of small ears of hair all over the body), the Lunkarya (long, coarse and curly hair) and the rex (curly and soft hair) are the main breeds of pig turkey.
  • The lighter her coat, the clearer her eyes (often red for white-haired guinea pigs).
  • He is very talkative. He hisses, screams, purrs, screams close to the sound of a kettle when he is hungry.

Did you know ?

The Skinnyis a hairless guinea pig. To maintain his body temperature (which is always very hot), he must eat three times as much food as his peers.

Guinea pig character

It is the perfect pet for a child.

  • The guinea pig is gentle, calm, affectionate.
  • He doesn't bite.
  • He loves company and hugs.
  • They are a particularly sociable animal who are unhappy when alone. It is strongly recommended that you adopt two. Either a male and a female (one will have to be sterilized), or two of the same sex.

Did you know ?

In Switzerland, it is illegal to own a single guinea pig as it is considered abuse.

Feeding your guinea pig

80% of its food is very good quality hay.

  • He must eat fresh fruits and vegetables every day.
  • You can buy him guinea pig pellets to supplement his ration.
  • As a treat, he likes pea flakes (sold in pet stores).

It does not synthesize vitamin C, you will need to give it regularly. Sold in liquid form or as a seal in pet stores, you will have no trouble administering it to your guinea pig, because they love it.

Guinea pig cage

To house two guinea pigs, you need a cage that is 1.20 m long.

  • You will need to put sawdust there for the bottom of the cage, a distributor of hay, pellets, water and a bowl for fruits and vegetables.
  • Guinea pigs need exercise. You can buy a park or an enclosure to let them roam your house or your garden in complete safety. Why not put a candy ball there to make the getaway more fun?

To maintain their coat and your bond with them, don’t hesitate to brush them, they love to be taken care of.

Guinea pig cost

  • A guinea pig costs between 25 and 80 euros depending on the breed.
  • The purchase of starting material for two guinea pigs is approximately 150 euros.
  • The monthly budget (food, bedding…) for two guinea pigs is 90 to 100 euros.

Needless to say, you have to think carefully before acquiring these charming companions. They are still a great choice for empowering a child for a larger animal like a dog.

It is recommended for children between 6 and 12 years old

ATmeditate : "When you look at a guinea pig, you notice: firstly that it is not a pig, secondly that it is not from a guinea pig and that ultimately only the 'd' is genuine. "Francois Cavanna


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