Create a green wall

Create a green wall

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Beautiful, insulating, depolluting, green walls have multiplied in recent years, inside and out.

Do you want one at home?

Several options are possible.

Fashionable green walls

Popularized by the spectacular creations of Patrick Blanc, the man who "greened" many public buildings, restaurants, shops and hotels (the facade of the Quai Branly museum, the courtyard of Pershing Hall, etc.), the green walls also appeal to visitors. individuals. Allowing you to enjoy a maximum of plants while using a minimum of floor space, they are ideal for bringing greenery to a balcony, a courtyard or a small garden.

Green walls now take various forms, adapting to all tastes and all budgets. The most expensive technique is that used by Patrick Blanc: hydroponics. The plants are "planted" in a felt irrigated by a nutrient solution which runs in a closed circuit. The assembly is secured to panels that are attached to the wall of the building, inside or outside.

Green wall kit

In order to meet the demand of individuals, many manufacturers have developed structures for composing its green wall, to be installed along a wall, on the balcony, in the yard, garden or at home.

CitéFlor thus offers a steel mesh structure filled with an absorbent felt to accommodate the plants and equipped with a water reserve base to keep the substrate moist.

A relatively simple construction that the most DIY enthusiasts can reproduce.

For others, the module can be delivered unplanted (from € 220) or planted (from € 350).

Furniture and plant paintings

Not to be outdone, the garden furniture was inspired by the trend to launch honeycomb modules or kinds of tiered planters, sometimes mounted on casters (Vertiss), to be garnished with plants to dress a wall or partition the garden.

Another possibility: textile pockets to hang and garnish with plants (a good idea for aromatics), also on sale in garden centers.

Finally, the vegetal paintings (Vertilignes), frames welcoming various plants, make it easy to add a touch of greenery to the walls of the living room.

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