Stories behind the gladiolus and the iris

Stories behind the gladiolus and the iris

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Flowers are often associated with interesting, symbolic or moving stories.

Here are some stories about gladiolus and iris to familiarize you with these wonderful summer flowers.

Fight for the gladioli

The gladiolus symbolizes strength, victory and pride. It is also associated with a beautiful history from the Roman era. Even today, the ancient Romans are famous for their many gladiatorial battles in which brave gladiators fought for the right to be covered in gladioli - or to die trying.

Fortunately, we don't have to fight over the gladioli anymore. We can just keep this story in mind while admiring them from an armchair.

Care tips for a bouquet of gladioli

Follow these tips to enjoy your gladioli for as long as possible:

  • Once purchased, place the gladioli in the water as soon as you can.
  • Use a clean vase, preferably glass.
  • Fill the vase with water.
  • Cut the stems at a distance of three to six centimeters and cut them at an angle.
  • Make sure there are no leaves below the surface of the water.
  • Try to find a rather cool place to display your gladioli.
  • Add a little water to the vase every day.
  • If the water becomes cloudy, change it and cut the base of the stems again.

Did you know that …

Ceramic vases are less suitable for gladioli? This is because they have pores in which bacteria can be left. These bacteria clog the vascular bundles in the stems and prevent them from absorbing enough water. When this happens, the pimples begin to sag.

The Iris: myth and message

TheIris has a mysterious association with the rainbow. According to Greek mythology, the goddess Iris was a messenger between gods and mortals. Her golden wings and winged feet carried the goddess on her frequent visits from heaven to earth. She always chose to descend along the rainbow with the wind pushing her in her path. This is how the symbolic meaning of Iris became: "I have a message for you". This makes irises perfect for gift giving, but why not treat yourself to these beautiful flowers as well?

Care tips for iris bouquets

  • Use a clean vase and water.
  • Be careful not to use too much water (5 centimeters is enough).
  • Add a packet of floral preservative.
  • Cut the stems at an angle.
  • Place the irises in the light.
  • Be careful not to place your irises near the ripening fruit, as this will cause your flowers to wilt faster.

Did you know that …

The blue iris is the most familiar? That's because few other flowers feature such an intense blue color - and it's this color that makes the blue iris choice so popular. Even in this case, the iris are also available in other colors such as yellow, white, purple and combinations of these colors.

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