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Gentian: the blue of the mountains

Gentian: the blue of the mountains

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Gentian is a beautiful flower with an inimitable blue or yellow tone.

In summary, what you need to know

Last name
: Gentiana
Family : Gentianaceae
Type : Perennial or annual

: 10 to 50 cm depending on the variety
Exposure : Sunny, partial shade or shade
Ground : Ordinary

Flowering : May to September

Often admired in the wild, it can now be found for sale to the delight of our gardens and terraces.

  • Health: benefits, virtues and properties of gentian

Gentian plantation

Prefer planting the buckets in the spring at a rate of 5 to 10 feet per m2.

  • Mix your soil with flowering plant compost and possibly with heather soil.

For a annual gentian seedlings, perform the operation in early spring, in March or April, for flowering from June to September.

Gentian care

Gentian is a plant that requires little care and whose maintenance ultimately comes down to a few simple steps.

Remove wilted flowers over time so as not to exhaust the plant and stimulate the emergence of new trumpets.

Regarding watering, only a few liters of water are sufficient in the event of prolonged drought or hot weather.

The gentian loves the sun but appreciates a light shade if it is in a hot summer situation.

Gentian in winter:

In the fall, you can cut dead stems and leaves short.

A foot protection with a nice layer of dried leaves will allow your gentians to pass the winter without a hitch and bloom again the following spring.

To know about gentian

Gentian is a perennial or herbaceous annual native to Asia, with solitary flowers of a magnificent and rare blue. There are several species belonging to the gentianaceae family.

It is mainly found and originally in the mountains, but it now comes to flower our flower beds, borders, rockeries and planters.

  • You will thus install it in suspension, along an alley or a wall where its upholstery effect will be ideal.
  • She has some medicinal virtues and gave its name to an alcohol obtained from this plant "Gentian".

Species and varieties of gentian:

Stemless gentian Gentiana acaulis: Blue flowers

Gentiana asclepiadea: Blue flowers

Gentiana lutea: Yellow flowers

Gentiana sino-ornata: Blue striped flowers

Gentiana nivalis: Yellow flowers

Gentiana pneumonanthe: Marsh gentian, large blue flowers

Smart tip about gentian

The cultivation and maintenance of this plant does not require any fertilizer input.



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