Volunteer for animals: the way forward

Volunteer for animals: the way forward

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Walks, maintenance of premises, administrative assistance, movement of animals, the capture of stray cats, investigations for mistreatment or collections are among the many missions entrusted to volunteers of animal shelters.

Here is the process to become a committed, dedicated, caring and happy volunteer.

Become a volunteer

  • Be 18 years old and have no criminal record (minors are accepted accompanied by an adult).
  • Be up to date with your vaccines.
  • Contact the animal shelters closest to your home (SPA, associations, foundations, shelters, etc.) by email or by phone.
  • Fill in the file sent by the interested refuge (which asks you your motivations, your availability, etc.)
  • Provide a membership of 10 to 20 euros which will be donated to the animal cause.
  • Accept to be trained by experienced employees or volunteers (hygiene, animal behavior, administrative obligations, etc.).

Volunteer missions

Depending on the time available, your preferences and your abilities, a multitude of missions can be assigned to you. It's up to you.

Keep in mind that every volunteer is precious, unique and essential.

  • Housekeeping :Cleaning and disinfection of boxes for dogs (hair, excrement) or cats (hair, litter).
  • Dog walking:Lanyard dogs, alone or with other volunteers if your dog is sociable.
  • Time to games and hugswith cats.
  • Give them mealand the drugs.
  • Marauding:meet the homeless or people in great precariousness to provide care for their animals.
  • Administrative tasks :answer the phone, greet the public, update the website (adoption files, advice, information, etc.).
  • DIY:renovation, painting, insulation, decoration.
  • Participate in the open house: present the animals to the public for possible adoption, collect donations (money or food and equipment).
  • Help animal transfer: stray dogs and cats or animals removed for mistreatment are brought to the pound and then transferred to shelters. Care must be taken to ensure their comfort and safety during transport.
  • Install hatches for capture stray catsso that they can be sterilized and identified.
  • Become an investigator: monitor the success of an adoption or verify a case of abuse.

Volunteer with animals, why?

  • Hundreds of shelters exist in France including 62 SPA.
  • Thousands of animals are abandoned every year.
  • Farm animals, horses, donkeys, dogs, cats, birds, NAC (etc.) are mistreated.
  • Being a volunteer allows you to stay active and create social ties.
  • Becoming a volunteer is rewarding. We rediscover mutual aid, dedication, involvement, the joy of giving unselfishly.
  • We learn and train in a fun way.

The GRAAL, Greyhounds without borders, the SPA, second chance, Gaia, the foundation 30 million friends, the guide dogs for the blind or full bowlsare just a few examples of organizations where volunteers work tirelessly.

Did you know ?

SPAwas created by Doctor Étienne Paris and in 1845 to protect the horses that Parisian coachmen mistreated.

Smart advice

You do not want to make the commitment to permanently welcome an animal and you plan to become a volunteer.

Why not become relay family ? You will be entrusted with animals from time to time while they are adopted. All costs (food, care) are covered by shelters or associations. It’s a great adventure.


“To live without a goal is to navigate without a compass. "

John ruskin


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