Pruning fruit trees in winter: apple, pear ...

Pruning fruit trees in winter: apple, pear ...

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If the size is not natural and if the trees can do without it to develop normally,
it has the advantage of restoring vigor to plants and improving fruiting.

Get started, by following these tips you should quickly familiarize yourself with this exercise and improve from year to year.

  • For any other size, consult theset of articles dedicated to the pruning of plants.

Size of pome fruit trees

Pruning fruit trees promotes fruiting and allows your orchard to perform better year after year.

  • No pruning, unless it's too drastic or done at the wrong time, is wrong.

It promotes the good development of your tree.

Note that in winter, this is also the time to remove moss, lichens and the old bark which are veritable nests for parasites and diseases.

  • Read our advice sheet dedicated to pruning apple and pear trees.

Apple and pear cultivation

  • Pear trees, cultivation and maintenance
  • Apple trees, cultivation and maintenance

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