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Create a hedge of evergreen shrubs

Create a hedge of evergreen shrubs

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The choice of evergreen shrubs is often a very good solution to protect yourself from prying eyes or simply to delimit your garden with that of a very close neighbor.

They have the advantage of keeping their leaves throughout the year and providing greenery during the winter.

A hedge of evergreen shrubs will therefore have the advantage of being green throughout the year and will not lose its leaves, which will also save you some collection work ...

But you can also get started in creation of a free hedge, that is to say made of evergreen and deciduous shrubs, it will have the advantage of being more varied and offering a range of flowers and foliage a little more important.

Finally, be aware that a hedge, whether persistent or obsolete, protects nature by avoiding many diseases and parasites.

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Shrubs for an evergreen hedge

Here is our selection of the most beautiful evergreen shrubs for the creation of your hedge:

Cherry laurel, prunus


Aucuba from Japan




Laurel sauce

Berberis, Barberry






Laurel tin


Mexican orange



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